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Ready meals


The eating habits of modern consumers has changed exponentially over the years. Today, many people eat in front of their computers, in their cars, or on the couch while watching their favorite series. A rushed lifestyle only allows most consumers the time to warm up food rather than cook from scratch. But they still need food that is tasty, healthy and satisfying. Manufacturers have to come up with new food products that meet changing consumers’ need. Consumers also look for reliable brands, nutrition information, health benefits, and function of food. Delivery mode has also changed.

All these changes create a rising demand for different packaging that responds to different food processing technologies, transport and delivery systems, and, of course, consumers’ behavior.

Our wide range of innovative packaging increases consumers’ convenience and unleashes food creativity while securing peace of mind in terms of efficient logistics and storage.

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Benefits for you

  • Absolutely safe for food application
  • No discoloration
  • Excellent thermal resistance during retort process
  • Up to 2 years of shelf-life


  • Low acid ready-to-eat meals
  • Microwaveable meals
  • Good for both low and high liquid content


  • Can apply in every color or transparent
  • Supports advanced food processing technology


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