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Coffee and beverage


Along with the arrival of brewing machines for home use is the rising demand for coffee, tea, cocoa and nutrition drinks capsules. To allow consumers to enjoy freshly brewed drinks at home any time of the day, a good drinks capsule has to be tight and allow no oxygen, or as little as possible, in order to keep the product inside aromatic and flavorful.

The capsule has to be strong enough to withstand the pressure and temperature during the brewing process. The size of the capsule also matters. Too much water or too little powder can make your drink too weak. Designing the right size of capsule therefore increases enjoyment of the drink.

Eka Global’s innovative packaging performs well in all areas and provides an impressive solution that makes coffee and tea time a delightful moment.

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Benefits for you

  • Effective aroma protection provided by the least possible oxygen penetration
  • Different packaging sizes and design available
  • Strong enough to withstand the brewing process
  • Easy to pack and store


  • Coffee powder
  • Tea
  • Nutrition drinks
  • Cocoa drinks
  • Can be used for several home brewing systems
  • Can be used for public vending machines


  • Can be customized to customers’ specific design
  • Support advanced food processing technology
  • 100% recyclable