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Live a healthier lifestyle

A global leader in the longevity packaging manufacturing industry with a strong business network across Asia Pacific, Eka Global develops and brings to the market innovative products that helps consumers “live a healthier lifestyle” today and tomorrow.

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This is what we are proud of at Eka Global

We design and develop innovative products based on our insightful understanding of consumers’ rapidly changing lifestyles and the world’s attention to the environment and sustainability. Produced with state-of-the-art technology and to the highest global standards, our game-changer packaging solutions not only increase the business competitiveness but also, and more importantly, bring greater convenience and a healthier lifestyle to the consumers of today and tomorrow.

We deliver high quality products

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We supply products to
6 continents
Our products are distributed in 
42 countries
Worldwide customer shipment to 
316 location

The Circular Economy

At Eka Global, we pay much attention to eliminating waste and promoting continual use of resources to create close-loop system. The circular economy concept is integrated into our nature of business and exists in all we do as a good corporate citizen

waste to landfill
reduced energy consumption in last 2 years
of our products are recyclable