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Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization (MATS)

Microwave-assisted Thermal Sterilization (MATS) process utilizes a combination of pressurized hot water and long-wavelength microwave energy to sterilize food products. With much shorter processing time than conventional retort sterilization, this game-changing technology results in less damage to sensitive nutrition. More importantly, MATS process can extend food product shelf life up to two years.

MATS is ideal for preserving ready-to-eat packaged meals, baby foods, complex meals, sauces, teas and juices, pastas, etc. Although this food processing technology is relatively new, MATS has strong potential in the global food industry and major food manufactures such as TATA SmartFoodz in India, have started to adopt this technology, which boosts demand for MATS-ready packaging.

Eka Global, with its strong commitment to bringing consumers a healthier lifestyle, is among the world’s pioneers in expanding packaging production capability to support this cutting-edge food processing technology.

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With our commitment to innovation and value creation, Eka Global is among the world's leading packaging companies who have the capability to produce packaging that supports MATS process. Since late 2018, we have been producing MATS-ready packaging, which can be customized to specific customers' need, to feed world's leaders in food manufacturing industry and has already started to bring greater value to consumers worldwide.

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