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Message from CEO

Chaiwat Nuntiruj
Group Chief Executive Officer

Eka Global has a strong ambition to produce food packaging that meets world standards and best addresses the changing needs and busy lifestyles of modern consumers worldwide. At the same time, we want to make a positive difference for our customers, suppliers, colleagues and society as a whole.

Our company started out as a local food packaging producer, the first and only one in Thailand. Today, two decades later, we have gone beyond national territory. We are now one of the key players in the world’s longevity packaging industry with manufacturing plants across Asia.

While our business continues to grow by leaps and bounds, our commitment to high technology, research and development, responsibility towards consumers and respect for the environment is strong than ever. The circular economy remains at the core of our business.

We know that the way consumers live is changing rapidly. A rushed lifestyle translates into a greater need for food packaging that is safe, easy to use and friendly to the environment. Our innovative packaging can save time and reduce difficulties in cooking routine meals, leaving consumers with more time for other interesting activities or their loved ones. We understand that in today’s highly competitive world, food producers need packaging innovations that help them increase food safety and cost efficiency, leading to enhanced competitiveness and profitability.

With this in mind, Eka Global has put every effort into developing a wide range of food packaging innovations. One of our greatest prides is the longevity packaging that is waterproof and airtight, and can keep retorted food products for 2 years without freezing or chilling.

Longevity packaging is only a start. We believe there are plenty of opportunities and innovations to be created to uplift consumers’ quality of life.

At Eka Global, we aim to make our products an integral part of consumers’ lives, a tool that helps them “Live a Healthier Lifestyle”.