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Our quality meets the highest standards

At Eka Global, we do not compromise on quality and the environment.

Believing quality packaging equals quality foods, we have relied on advanced technology to produce only the best quality packaging products. In so doing, we have done our best to protect the environment by making our products 100% recyclable.

Quality Policy

Understanding that packaging is critical to delivery of high-quality food, every step we take, every material we source and every technology we invest in are all for the better quality of life of consumers and a better world. With our strong commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions that enhance consumer wellbeing and all stakeholders’ success, we strive to always raise the bar with creativity and innovation. Proven by the international quality standards and certifications we have received, our products are here to allow consumers to “live a healthier lifestyle”.

Factory and Capacity

Since the very first day of operations, Eka Global’s intention to build state-of-the-art manufacturing plants has remained unchanged. Today, our plants stand at the forefront of the industry in terms of international-standard facilities, advanced technology, superior safety, and, of course, pleasant working environments. As the market evolves, our manufacturing bases are evolving too. The combined capacity of all manufacturing plants in Thailand and China has now reached 2.5 billion pieces per annum, making us one of the largest packaging producers in the Asia-Pacific. We have acquired the latest technology that enables us to produce up to 9-layer packaging, a rare capacity in the market, and to customize our production schedule and product size, shape and color to meet unique customer requirement. Because consumers’ health and our customers’ success are our success, we have never stopped seeking ways to do things better.

Food Safety

Packaging is a crucial part of the food safety process. Eka Global’s innovative international-standard packaging is designed to complete the food safety process. Our strong barrier, food-grade materials, hygienic manufacturing environment and high-quality packaging can ensure food manufacturers that their quality food will be stored, transported and delivered to end consumers in the same condition they go out from the production line. Consumers can also rest assured that our appealing leak-proof, toxic-free and 100% recyclable packaging will not only bring them high-quality and tasty food but also safety and good health.

Clean and hygienic

Keep quality for a long time

International standards