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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Eka Global’s packaging is ideal for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of food. This food processing technology, invented and introduced for the first time in 1960’s, has been one of the most popular food processing technologies adopted by food manufacturers worldwide.

Instead of using heat to sterilize food products, MAP substitutes atmospheric air with an inert gas like nitrogen or carbon dioxide in carefully proportions in a packaged food product. This technology remarkably slows down the process of decay and growth of microbes. It, therefore, can extend shelf life up to six months without cold storage or additives.

Product Categories

MAP technology has been widely recognized and adopted by the global food industry for many decades. It has been used in most food products, from snack, fruits, and vegetables to meat, ready-to-eat meals and coffee.

Eka Global, has long been serving the global food industry with a wide variety of innovative packaging that meet international standards for quality and food safety. Whatever products you have, Eka Global can produce the packaging that best serve food manufacturers’ specific requirement and demand.

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