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High Barrier Recyclable Packaging Material

09 February 2021

Sustainability is a broad discipline, giving insights into most aspects of the human world from business to technology to environment and the social sciences.

At Eka Global, we pay much attention to eliminating waste and promoting continual use of resources to create close-loop system. The circular economy concept is integrated into our nature of business and exists in all we do as a good corporate citizen.

To protect the mother nature, Eka Global has taken an initiative to reduce the waste to landfill and the energy consumption. We have achieved the target of 0% of waste to landfill and 30% reduction in the energy consumption over the last two years. To maintain the close loop and the environment for future generations, Eka Global has designed the high barrier multi-layer packaging as recyclable structures. The recycling includes the containers as well as the lid films. Eka Global is the first company to receive the certification from CIPET which states that our high barrier multilayer packaging material is recyclable as per IS:14534. With this we are playing our role in providing a sustainable future for generations to come.