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Eka Pak Global (India) Pvt Ltd received SIES School of Packaging Star Award 2020

09 February 2021

It’s our privilege to announce that Eka Pak Global (India) Pvt Ltd received SIES School of Packaging Star Award 2020 for the development of High Barrier Packaging Material suitable for High-Pressure Process (HPP) of Fresh Juice.

At a time of greater interest than ever in food safety, innovative manufacturers are employing high pressure processing (HPP), also known as high pressure pascalization or cold pasteurization, a non-thermal food and beverage preservation method that guarantees food safety and achieves an increased shelf life. This is achieved while maintaining the optimum attributes of fresh products, offer attractive options for retailers and consumers.

Demand for healthy and hygienic food & beverages are increasing rapidly. Due to our busy lifestyle we tend to miss our intake of nutritional needs. Keeping this in mind Vesavi Foods came up with an exceptional idea of providing 100% hygienically packed juices. The “Pick” range of cold pressed juices are proceed using HPP to extend the shelf-life while maintaining freshness and nutrition.

With our mission for “Live a Healthier Lifestyle”, Eka Global provides specialty high barrier thermoformed containers that are proven to work in the HPP process under high pressure conditions. Our technology consists of nine-layer sheet of PP and EVOH combined with advanced thermoforming technology. This plays a very vital role in increasing the shelf life of products while sustaining extremely high pressures of 6000 bar during HPP. The juices are completely free of preservatives and purely natural. Our multi-layer containers protect the food from moisture and oxygen, and inhibits microbial growth to provide safety & hygiene. High barrier property of our lid film supports in extending the shelf life along with easy peel technology. Our cup & lid film helps in extension of life of fresh juices up to 2 months without adding any kind of preservatives. Attractive shrink sleeve and convenient sipper cap further adds to the consumer experience.