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04 June 2020

Regulations on Domestic Garbage Sorting in Suzhou officially came into force as of June 1. The domestic garbage in Suzhou is classified into four categories: Recyclable Waste, Hazardous Waste, Food Waste and Residual Waste. Punishments for failing to properly sort garbage will be RMB50-200.

For promoting the policy, General Manager for Eka Global China, Jurgen Willems has a video message to everyone.

One of the core values of Eka-Global is being an environmental and socially, responsible company.

We try to reuse our materials as much as possible back into our production process.

Eka-Global strongly believes in sustainability and in the circular economy. For that, we are happy to see that also the Local government acted and implemented a strict waste collection program for private usage.

Before, everything was going in the same waste bin, now there will be a selection based on four types of waste. To make it easy, they all have their special color code and logo. Red for harmful waste like batteries / Green for kitchen waste like food leftovers. Blue for recyclable waste like plastic bottles / Grey for other garbage

Please pay attention to this. By doing so, you can contribute to improve the environment and make this a better place to live for your children and families.

So, let’s do this!

Eka Global is now the one of the key players in the world’s longevity packaging industry with manufacturing plants across Asia. As Mr. Willem says, garbage sorting policy fits well with our company values. The Circular Economy remains at the core of our business.

People may perceive garbage sorting is a small thing but also the most difficult thing to popularize. A good environment is not made by the efforts of a few people, but by the active and conscious awareness of everyone. Every employee of Eka Global has been carrying the mission of environmental protection since joining the company. It is imperative that all staff participate the garbage sorting action. Make a better place, live a healthier lifestyle.